My Skills



Google Cloud Engineering

Soft Skills



Programming Languages

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS

Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Matplotlib
  • Seaborn
  • MySQL
  • Pandas
  • Plotly


Timer/stopwatch website

This project is a customizable timer website that includes a stopwatch and countdown timer functionality. The webpage has buttons to control the timer, including start, pause, reset, and lap. Users can also switch between light and dark themes and adjust the minutes and seconds of the countdown timer using sliders. The website is built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and includes external libraries such as jQuery and Font Awesome. It is designed to be user-friendly and functional for a variety of timing purposes, such as exercise routines, cooking, and more.

News website project

Delivering daily briefings on politics, business, technology, sports, and entertainment. With its sleek and modern design, this website offers a seamless browsing experience across all devices.

Powered by JavaScript and the News API, it delivers curated articles based on your preferences. Immerse yourself in captivating cards presenting engaging titles, insightful descriptions, distinguished authors, publication dates, and credible sources. Dive deeper into any article with a single click.

Effortlessly share noteworthy news with the integrated share button. Experience a flawlessly informative journey, even in the absence of articles or unforeseen errors.

Stay informed, stay ahead. Elevate your news consumption today and embrace a world of knowledge and insight.

Check it out at https://github.com/Algo001/news

Alien Invasion

Created my personalized rendition of 'Alien Invasion' by Eric Mathews, carefully crafted to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. Remaining faithful to the original gameplay, I have infused it with captivating enhancements that elevate the overall enjoyment. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey, where challenging levels and a captivating sci-fi narrative blend seamlessly to enthrall even the most dedicated gaming enthusiasts.

Immerse yourself in this thrilling game as you assume the role of a seasoned space pilot entrusted with the critical mission of safeguarding Earth from relentless alien forces. Your objective is clear: skillfully navigate the cosmic battlefield, engaging in intense firefights with alien spacecraft while deftly evading their unyielding attacks. Will you emerge victorious and save humanity from the impending alien invasion? The fate of our world lies in your capable hands.

Check it out at https://github.com/Algo001/Alien_Invasion

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